How to identify the quality of LED lamp driver


The LED driver refers to the power adjustment electronic device that drives the LED to emit light or the LED module assembly to work normally. The voltage and current fluctuation range of the power supply that it can adapt to is very narrow, and a slight deviation may fail to light the LED or seriously reduce the luminous efficiency or shorten the service life or even burn the chip. This article focuses on how to identify the quality of the LED lamp driver.

First, identify by driving the chip

The core of the LED lamp driver is the IC, and the quality of the IC directly affects the entire LED lamp driver. Do not polish the IC on the led lamp driver, so that the lamp manufacturers can understand the IC scheme and calculate the cost of the driver, so that they can purchase power products at a reasonable price.

Second, identify by transformer

The control chip can be regarded as the brain center of the power supply, and the power and temperature resistance are determined as transformers. The transformer is responsible for completing the "AC-magnetic energy-DC", the energy overload will saturate the bomber. The core of the transformer is the magnetic core and wire package.

Third, identify by electrolytic capacitor and chip ceramic capacitor

Everyone may know the quality and life requirements of input electrolytic capacitors, but people often ignore the quality requirements of output capacitors. In fact, the life of output capacitors has a great impact on the life of power supplies. The output terminal has a switching frequency of up to 60,000 times per second, which causes the parasitic resistance of the capacitor to heat up, producing scale-like substances, and finally the electrolyte heats up and bursts. The material of ceramic capacitor is divided into X7R, X5R and Y5V, and the actual capacitance value of Y5V can only reach 1/10 of the actual, the nominal capacitance value only refers to working at 0 volts. Therefore, this tiny chip resistor, poor options will also lead to cost price differences and greatly shorten the life of the power supply.

LED panel light driver  

Fourth, identify by the circuit design and welding process of power supply products

Judgment of design pros and cons: Aside from the professional perspective, it can be distinguished by some intuitive methods, such as neat, generous and orderly component layout, and clean and upright welding. A good engineer will not make a messy design. As for flying wires and manual components, it is a serious lack of technical strength. Welding process: manual welding and wave welding process, it is well known that the quality of the wave production process mechanized production is certainly better than manual welding. The way to tell is whether there is red glue on the back. .

At present, the flashing phenomenon of lamps during a period of use is basically caused by the power supply or the virtual welding of the lamp beads. The product's virtual soldering test is extremely difficult to pass the aging test, so you must rely on AOI to detect the quality of the power supply patch.

Fifth, identify the aging racks and high-temperature aging rooms by batch testing of power products

Materials and production process control of the best power products still need to detect aging, because the incoming inspection of electronic components and transformers is difficult to control. Only through the aging of the entire batch of power supply and the high temperature sampling of the high temperature room, can we check whether the quality stability and materials of this batch of power supply have hidden safety risks.

Regarding the detection of LED lamp drivers, this article explains from five aspects. The application of LED lamp drivers is becoming more and more widely. More and more people want to know how to identify the quality of LED lamp drivers. Speaking of these methods to detect and judge.

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