Is the assessment the standard of an excellent LED lighting manufacturer?


At present, the LED lighting market is fierce. Various large and small LED lamp manufacturers have joined the boom in the production of LED lighting lamps, but the reality we have to face is that the reality of the LED lighting market is a mess. The quality is uneven, let's talk about what kind of manufacturers are high-quality LED lamps manufacturers.

1. The factory is large in scale, with perfect technology and advanced production machinery

At present, the LED market is fiercely competitive, and many factories are small workshops. Their machines are old machines that have been eliminated by large factories, and the factory equipment is not complete, and the manpower is seriously insufficient. Often, in order to catch up with orders and let workers work overtime, the products produced by such factories certainly cannot guarantee the quality. Yenhua lighting has the domestic top LED lighting product research and development team, perfect product production technology, the most advanced production equipment.

2. The product must have quality assurance

At present, a large number of small-scale workshops produce low-cost LED lamp products in the market. Although consumers will initially choose products blindly based on price, but after many problems with the product, consumers have become rational and they will choose to have brand protection. Quality-guaranteed products produced by large factories. Therefore, the products produced by a high-quality LED lamp manufacturer must be able to guarantee the quality.

3. Have perfect pre-sales and after-sales services

LED lighting products are not disposable consumer products. Customers often choose more related products according to the usage after multiple purchases. At this time, the pre-sale and post-sale service attitude plays a vital role. High-quality LED manufacturers must be able to provide customers with the best pre-sale and after-sale experience, and can solve problems quickly and let Customers experience the perfect shopping experience.

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