How to judge the quality of LED ultra-thin panel lights?


LED ultra-thin panel light can be said to be the best representative of Led energy-saving lamps. It not only has an ultra-thin appearance, but also achieves effective energy saving, long service life, no radiation, and high brightness. This ultra-thin panel downlight can be said to be the best lighting choice for office and home. However, there are many brands of LED ultra-thin panel lights on the market. How do we know which one is of better quality?

First of all, we can judge from the lamp body itself, the ultra-thin panel light is in a sealed state because the panel and the back cover are closely attached. This can effectively prevent moisture, insects and water. Ultra-thin panel light shells are generally made of high-quality metal shells with long service life. But if it is a low-quality ultra-thin panel light, their panel and body are not an integrated design, only the panel is metal, and the body is made of plastic. Although such a panel light is very light, it not only has a poor heat dissipation effect. , And the use time will not be very long.

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Secondly, the material of the ultra-thin panel light is also an important part. The high-quality ultra-thin panel lights are made of aluminum alloy anti-oxidation materials, so that they can be used normally in any environment, and there will be no rust. However, some low-quality ultra-thin panel lights are made of iron, so they will rust easily in a humid environment, and there is a potential risk of leakage. If you can suck it up with a piece of magnet, it is made of iron.

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