Why do led lights age?


Why do led lights age? Generally speaking, LED as energy-saving technology new energy sources, will have a certain degree of light decay in the initial stage of being put into use. If our LED products are not of good material or are not standardized in production, the products will appear dark. Phenomenon such as light, flickering, malfunction, intermittent lighting, etc., make the life of LED lamps not as long as expected.

Why does the led lamp age? In order to prevent the quality problem of the LED, it is necessary to do a good job of quality control of the failure of the welding and packaging components, and conduct an aging test on the LED product to ensure the reliability of the electronic product, which is the most essential in the product production process In this aging process, there are temperature adaptability tests, analog voltage zone (high, medium, and low) tests and impact destructive tests, as well as online monitoring of drive power and product current and voltage changes.

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  Why does the led lamp age? If there is no aging link, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, and it will malfunction at any time in the initial stage of use, which will greatly increase the cost of the manufacturer. In contrast, the product has been professionally aging and inspected before being released on the market, which has improved the efficiency of the lamp and greatly increased the stability of the later performance, which undoubtedly has greatly increased the profit compared with the former.

   Then, how do LED products age? Generally, the following two methods are used:

   The first type is constant current and constant voltage aging. Constant current aging is most in line with the working characteristics of LED current. It simulates the use of LED lamps under normal conditions, and then observes the quality and color of the lamps and other issues;

 The second type, overcurrent impact aging. This is the latest aging method adopted by manufacturers. It can judge the service life of LEDs in a short time by adjusting the frequency and adjusting the current, so as to check out the hidden LED products.

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