Characteristics and characteristics of Led flat lamp


LED flat lamp is a lamp with thecharacteristics of energy saving, high brightness, mercury free, infrared free,ultraviolet free, electromagnetic interference free, thermal effect free,radiation free and stroboscopic.

The lamp is light in weight and canbe embedded and suspended in many ways, which is easy to install.

Product characteristics

[High efficiency andenergy saving]: energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared ray, noultraviolet ray, no electromagnetic interference, no thermal effect, noradiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon;

[Bright and uniformlight]: bright light is completely plane output, and the luminous angle iswider;

[Ultra-thin andultra-light]: special circuit design to avoid single bad light affecting theoverall effect;

[Stable and durable]:5-year service life, free from radio interference and environmental pollution.

Hotels, meeting rooms,factories or offices, commercial purposes, residential or public facilities,schools, hospitals need energy conservation and high color rendering indexlighting.


Product features

1. LED flat panel lampadopts liquid crystal backlight technology and high-efficiency LED chip. Itsunique heat dissipation design ensures high LED efficiency, low light decay andlong life.

2. The surface issmooth, bright and even, soft and not dazzling.

3. 100~240VAC inputvoltage, high power efficiency. Short start time, no flash.

4. Light weight, easyto install. Environmental protection, safety, non-pollution, in line with RoHsspecifications.

5. Stable performance,low maintenance rate, strong versatility, convenient installation and spacesaving.

6. The service life ofLED panel lamp is more than 30000 hours, even if it is switched frequently, itwill not affect the service life of the product;

7. Green environmentallighting products, free of mercury, lead and other polluting elements;

8. LED flat lamp has noultraviolet light and no infrared ray, so as to avoid radiation damage to theobject;

9. Soft lighttechnology is used to expand the LED flat lamp into a surface light source,eliminate glare and visual fatigue, and sublimate the visual effect;

10. LED flat panel lamphas high color rendering index, strong color reversibility, clear vision, nodistortion of objects, and is suitable for high-end commercial lighting places;

11. No stroboscopic,pure DC operation, eliminating visual fatigue caused by stroboscopic oftraditional flat panel lamp;

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