Precautions for using LED panellights



Although LED panel lamps have highbrightness and long service life, attention should also be paid to maintenanceduring use.


Prevention is the best method.Understanding some basic lamp usage knowledge can save you a lot of trouble inthe later maintenance and life span of the lamp.


1. After purchasing the lamp, do notbe busy installing it first. Read the installation instructions carefully, andthen follow the installation instructions to properly install the lamp, otherwisedanger may occur.


2. During cleaning and maintenance,do not change the structure of the lamp or randomly change the components ofthe lamp. After maintenance, install the lamp as is, and do not omit or installthe lamp components by mistake;


3. When using lamps, try not toswitch frequently. Although the switching resistance of LED lamps is about 18times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, excessive switching can still affectthe life of electronic components inside LED lamps, thereby affecting the lifeof the lamps.


4. It is important to note that,except for special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should not be used in humidenvironments, which can affect the electronic components of the LED lampdriving power supply. Damping of electronic components can shorten the lamplife.


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