Advantages of LED UFO high bay lamp daylight sensor type


 LED UFO High Bay Light Daylight is a relatively goodhigh-performance lamp, and has become the best choice for lightingenergy-saving transformation in the traditional large-scale industrial plantlighting field. LED UFO High Bay Light Daylight is widely used. What are itscharacteristics compared to traditional industrial and mining lights?


1. High stability, long life up to 25000 to 50000 hours, morethan 10 times longer than traditional light sources, achieving low investmentand high return.


2. Good color rendering, stable brightness, more realisticpresentation of physical colors, and optional color temperature of LED lightsources can meet the needs of different environments.


3. The humanized structural design makes installation andmaintenance easier, and is suitable for various applications.


4. Green, environmental friendly, non polluting, cold lightsource design, no thermal radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. It does notcontain pollution elements such as lead and mercury, achieving a true sense ofgreen.


5. The lamp body is made of high-strength die-castingaluminum material, with anti-aging electrostatic spraying treatment on thesurface, which is self-cleaning and corrosion resistant. LED industrial andmining lamps have excellent decorative effects, using special surface treatmentprocesses, optional appearance colors, simple installation, convenientdisassembly, and a wide range of applications.


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