Application of LED UFO High Bay Light


LED UFO High Bay Light uses ultra-highbrightness LED as the light source, with an aluminum alloy shell and ahigh-efficiency lens outer cover. The heat dissipation is achieved by copperheat conduction and aluminum alloy strips for natural air circulation, makingthe heat dissipation more perfect. The power of LED UFO High Bay Light is only20% of that of sodium lamps, equivalent to 100W of LED UFO High Bay Light,which can replace 250W of sodium lamps, especially in line with the nationalstandard of "green and low-carbon".


LED UFO High Bay Light is suitable foruse in large supermarkets, shipyards, factories, warehouses, mines, workshops,highway toll stations, gas stations, exhibition halls, gyms, and other placesthat require industrial and mining lighting.


Yanhua's high spacing LED lightingprovides high-performance, long-lasting, and energy-saving lighting for largecommercial and industrial areas. It is a good alternative or upgrade option forexisting HID metal halide and fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures.


Upgrading to LED can save onelectricity bills, improve visibility and worker safety, while also improvingproductivity.


The LED high foot lamp adopts a newultra slim UFO style, with a smaller size and stronger industrial appearance,which can meet the needs of different environments and improve work efficiency.

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