Differences between LED panel lights and traditional fluorescent lights


LED panel lights have advantages that ordinary fluorescent lights cannot compare to, mainly with the following 5 major differences!


1. LED flat panel lamps are a very environmentally friendly product. Ordinary fluorescent lamps contain a large amount of mercury vapor. Once the fluorescent lamp breaks, the mercury vapor will be emitted into the atmosphere, causing harm to the atmosphere. LED panel lamps achieve uniform light output through a combination of light guide plates, reflective paper, and diffusion plates. Their materials do not contain lead, harmful substances such as mercury, and have a green and environmentally friendly effect.


2. The LED panel has high lighting efficiency and brightness, with a light efficiency of over 130LM/W, which is about twice that of a fluorescent lamp. In other words, a 20W LED panel lamp is equivalent to the brightness of a 40W fluorescent lamp.


3. LED panel light is a noise free product that is very suitable for installation in libraries, study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and other places.


4. LED has a large luminous area, uniform surface luminescence, soft light, and will not cause too much damage to the eyes. Traditional fluorescent lamps produce a large amount of flickering every minute, and the light source is dazzling, causing harm to the eyes.


5. LED panel lights have a longer lifespan than regular fluorescent lights, which is basically several times longer than traditional fluorescent lights.


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