Reasons for LED flat panel lights not working


LED flat panel lights have the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, high light efficiency, uniform illumination, and long service life, and are increasingly favored by people. However, with the increase of usage time, it is becoming more and more common for flat panel lights to not light up. So, what is the general reason for the flat panel light not working? Let's briefly explain this issue.

1. The light source of a flat panel lamp is composed of LED beads. LED light beads are first connected in series, and then connected in parallel. LED light beads are also the core component that can emit light in flat panel lamps. If a certain part of the light inlet edge of the flat panel lamp does not light up, it is a problem with a certain group of light beads here. Generally, it is a malfunction of a certain LED light bead,as long as one lamp bead in a group does not light up, the entire group of lamp beads will not light up.

2. The circuit system of the flat panel lamp is also one of the reasons for the problem. The circuit system of a flat panel lamp consists of a driver circuit board, a power board, a control circuit board, etc. Due to the accumulation of usage time and the influence of physical factors, these circuit boards may experience heating, damage, and other conditions, resulting in the flat panel lights not turning on.

3. The flat panel lamp may not light up due to poor contact of the flexible circuit of the lamp, damage to the power switch, and other issues. These problems are generally relatively simple and can be solved by replacing the flexible circuit of the lighting fixtures, replacing the power switch, and other methods. However, it should be noted that these operations should be carried out by professional technical personnel.

In summary, if a flat panel light doesn't turn on, it usually doesn't work. We need to analyze the specific situation, identify the problem, and then take corresponding measures to solve it. In the daily use of flat panel lamps, it is also necessary to regularly check the condition of circuit systems, lamp beads, and other components, and maintain them in a timely manner to extend their service life.

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