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France Auvergne Dairy Farms Retrofit


A great majority of
France Auvergne dairy farms are altering their management practices and investing in cost-effective measures due to the rapidly increasing energy costs and rising environmental concerns. On average, dairy farms consume more energy than any other agricultural operation with lighting accounting for 17 percent of the dairy farm’s total electrical energy consumption. Dairy farms have been experiencing increased power consumption, higher operating costs, and poor quality of lighting for many years without a cost effective and efficient solution in sight.


Striving to maintain the highest quality of productivity and efficiency, each of the dairy farms enlisted the expertise and the use of Yenhua LED products. Since 2014, more than 1,000 metal halide, fluorescent, high pressure sodium, and incandescent fixtures have been replaced with Yenhua’s 150-watt High Bays; WallPacks in 40, 60, and 90-watts; Canopy Lights in 40, 60, and 90-watts; and Flood Lights in 100, 150, and 300-watts. The complete lighting retrofit on each facility only took approximately one to three weeks depending on the farm’s size.


The installation of low cost, high efficiency Yenhua LED products has provided each dairy farm with the productivity, safety, and cost saving benefits unseen before. In addition, each dairy farm now benefits from little to no maintenance for Yenhua LED products, drastic energy savings, and the simple pleasure of LED lights turning on instantly without any delayed reaction. Overall, each facility’s new retrofit is experiencing anywhere from 60-80 percent in energy savings after switching over to Yenhua LED products.

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