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LED linear high-bay lights


The ultra-bright LED linear high bay lights are designed for higher ceilings and safe access areas. They focus light more directly and create powerful illumination over long distances. This makes them ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses and retail stores. Although there are many options for installing lights in your building, choosing LED technology will give you a better experience and you will never regret it.

From schools and warehouses to recreational facilities, LED linear high bay lights provide superior lighting and energy savings over commercial HID luminaires. LED linear high bay lights are an ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps in warehouses and other large indoor spaces. It can be widely used in warehouses, factories, conference centers, retail stores, exhibition halls and warehouse lighting.

LED linear high-bay lamp fixtures provide 50,000 hours of life and significantly reduce maintenance costs and provide high lumen output of 10,000 to 24,000 lumens. Advantages include high efficiency, long life, excellent color rendering index, timeliness and symmetry of the warehouse, assembly line, stadium and port area.

 LED Linear high bay for warehouse

Yenhua LED linear high-bay luminaires are customizable and can be used in almost any project that requires high output illumination without the high power consumption of traditional lighting. Here are some of the characteristics of our LED linear high bay lights:

Super Bright - Compare to 500w HID or 6 lamp fluorescent T5/T8 high bay or shop light. 120 lumens per watt delivers a powerful 24000 lumen output

► Maximum Efficiency - Low consumption and high output save you big on energy costs

► Good heat dissipation - The aluminum alloy casing provides a better heat dissipation solution, which makes the lamp last longer, has a low failure rate, and has no faults.

► Dimming and Accessories - Flicker Free 0-10V dimming compatible for use with 0-10V dimmers, motion, occupancy, or daylight sensors. Maximize efficiency with automation.

► Easy Installation Options - Each unit comes with extra long adjustable chains for holder mounting.

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