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UFO LED high bay light has to say the benefits


These types of lamps have many advantages over incandescent or metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps and even conventional LED lamps.

higher efficiency

This type of high-end LED UFO high bay light provides 130 lumens per watt, making them more efficient than regular bulbs. Currently, these illuminators provide the best lumen output per watt at the best price in the industry.

Small size

They are much smaller than the other alternatives you choose. You get the best glare and you can install the least amount of space. These led ufo high bay light are available in 60, 90 and 120 degrees to meet the needs of different scene lighting - these lamps work well at heights of 14 to 25 feet. At this height, a narrower beam angle can be considered.

Wonderful thermal performance

The lamp has an amazingly high thermal conductivity. The aluminum housing of these illuminators can also be used as a heat sink to easily handle the heat generated by the light.

No reflector required

LED lights are usually oriented. These require optics, typically reflectors for conventional LED ufo high-bay light sources - to meet the light source output modes required for a wide range of applications. However, UFO LED high bay lights do not require any reflectors, which helps reduce glare and refocus light. The illuminator has a built-in ray angle that greatly helps focus and better guide light. Therefore, you can order lights from 60-120 degrees.

Longer life

UFO LED high bay lights can also be used for a long time, with LEDs installed for up to 50,000 hours. This ensures that you don't have to spend too much on replacement or maintenance.

Cleaner lighting

Whether you choose pure white 5000K or warm white 3000K, these lights provide clear and clean lighting. No annoying patterns, zebra stripes or flickering can damage or irritate your eyes.

Better appearance

In general, conventional fixtures are similar to conventional MH (metal halides), which are shaped like luminaires and are also designed with heavy and bulky heat sinks. The entire fixture looks awkward and outdated and fits well with modern architectural design. Moreover, a larger number of thin-sized aluminum reflectors must be packaged more carefully when displaced, which can further increase shipping costs. However, UFO LED high bay lights are just as more efficient and compact than conventional LED luminaires. They have a better appearance, last longer, and can be transported and installed more easily.

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