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How to distinguish the quality of UFO LED high bay light?


UFO LED high-power high-bay lights have many advantages such as high light efficiency, long life, no delay in switching, environmental protection and energy saving. There are some quality problems. Shenzhen Yenhua lighting reminds you that the common bad high-bay lamp damage is caused by the following reasons:


1. The light source is bad: the process of assembling the lamp is not perfect, the lamp beads and the heat sink cannot be in good contact, and the thermal conductive paste is unevenly coated. In addition, if the lamp bead itself is of poor quality, it will be burned for a long time.

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2. Bad power supply: The power supply problem caused some manufacturers to use low-quality power supplies because of chasing products at low prices. The quality of the products was unqualified. After a long period of use, the lights would burn, the lights flashed or flashed for a while.

3. Radiator cut corners and cut materials, can not achieve good heat dissipation. Causes the temperature of the lamp to rise too high and too fast.

The repair methods for damaged industrial and mining lights are generally as follows:

The patch type can replace the entire light board, and the high-power integrated type can replace the entire light source. It is necessary to pay attention to the heat conduction and heat dissipation. If the power fails, you can only replace it with a new one. If it is caused by the power supply that the light does not turn on, then the light source must be replaced with a new one, it is best to use brands such as Mingwei, Philips and other brand power supplies.

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