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What are the advantages of backlit led panel lights?


As the price of LED panel lights has approached the traditional grille lamp panel, LED panel lights, as a replacement for traditional grille lamps, are becoming more and more popular, and the market competitiveness of LED panel lights is fully reflected. At present, LED panel lights are mainly used in office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, hotel lighting.

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LED panel lights can be divided into backlit LED panel lights and side-emitting panel lights from the perspective of their light entrance characteristics. Customers often ask: Which is better  backlit LED panel light or side-emitting LED panel light? As a manufacturer of LED panel lights, Yenhua lighting summarizes the advantages of backlit LED panel lights:

1. High light efficiency: The light emitted by the LED lamp beads is directly irradiated through the diffusion plate without being absorbed or reflected by other media, so the light utilization rate is relatively high, so that the overall light efficiency of the lamp is relatively high.

2. Save the cost of the light guide plate: the side-emitting panel light products should achieve the ideal optical characteristics: higher light transmittance and more uniform brightness value. The light guide plate is one of the core components and has a direct impact. The quality of the light guide plate is also affected by many factors such as the light guide plate base material, the design of the dots, the quality of the ink, and the reflective film. Its design and production costs are relatively high, accounting for a large proportion of the overall cost of the finished panel light. However, because the backlit panel light does not require light guide plate components, this part of the cost is saved accordingly.

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3. Reducing the weight of the lamp: After the light guide plate is omitted, the overall weight of the lamp is greatly reduced, the load requirement of the lamp installation is reduced, and the transportation cost is saved.

4. Extend the life of the lamp: Because the light guide plate, screen printing ink and reflective film of the side-emitting panel lamp are in a high-temperature working environment for a long time, they are prone to natural aging and yellowing characteristics, which leads to low light efficiency and disguise reduces the overall life of the lamp . The components of the LED direct-emitting panel light and the quality of the materials used will directly affect the performance of the lamp. There are fewer components, the natural reliability is higher, and the quality is better.

The main disadvantage of backlit LED panel lights is that they cannot be made too thin. the reason is:

1. There must be a certain distance between the LED light source and the diffuser board, otherwise the light emitting point will be seen visually. This will inevitably lead to an increase in the thickness of the lamp, and the cost of the lamp housing will increase accordingly.

2. Since the lamp beads are fixed on the back plate, if the back plate uses the whole aluminum substrate, the cost will be high.

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