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Everything you need to know about LED high mast


LED high mast lighting is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting, street lighting, etc. It has various applications to make it stand out. The reason behind its success is the excellent lighting design, which aims to select the best optical components for the application.

It provides a uniform light distribution, can withstand harsh conditions and provides a high IP rating. Yenhua Lighting provides LED high pole lighting products with a variety of mounting solutions, such as sports, walls, brackets or brackets and adjustable heads.

What is high mast lighting?

The high mast light is actually a high light pole, with a light fixture attached to the top, pointing to the ground. Typically, the pole is 30 meters high and the lighting fixture is installed at a height of 60 feet to 120 feet. The light pole can be attached with about 4 to 8 lighting fixtures.

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Why recommend LED high mast lights?

Energy saving

One of the main reasons everyone should choose LED high mast lights or convert them to LEDs is that they can save up to 80% of energy. Advances in LED technology and higher lumens per watt configuration have reduced energy consumption by up to 70%.

Various controls

They also provide various controls, such as motion sensors and daylight sensors, which can help achieve almost all functions. When buying any LED fixture, focus on lumens rather than watts.

Short-term returns

If you consider using LED high mast lighting provided by Onor Lighting, then you will be happy to learn that they provide relative returns in a short time. You need to remember the 1 + 1 + 1 rule, which is discount + electricity cost + hours of use. Compared with discounts, the benefits of high-cost electricity and high usage time are more important.

Improve light quality

The color rendering index or CRI is a specification that you need to pay attention to. This is the quality of the light produced by the lamp. The ratio ranges from 0 to 100. According to experience, the better the quality, the less demand for increased light. LEDs provide high CRI, which means better quality than traditional lighting. However, CRI is not the only factor to consider. For example, fluorescent lamps have high CRI, which may be misleading.

The LED driver allows AC to be converted to DC, which means there is no flicker; therefore, there is no headache or eyestrain. It will bring a better environment. In general, if you are looking for the best results, LED is your choice.

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