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What details do I need to pay attention to when choosing a shoebox light?


In recent years, the lamp industry has achieved rapid development in China, and various types of lamps have been derived. Among them, the shoe box lamp is one of the emerging lamps in recent years. The shoe box lamp is similar to the shoe box in shape. The name is widely used on both sides of the modern municipal industry road. So what are the details that city-related procurement personnel need to pay attention to when buying shoebox lights at an affordable price?

Details 1. The degree of light attenuation

In fact, there is more or less light decay in the use of most lamps, and this phenomenon also exists when the new lamp, such as the shoe box lamp, is illuminated. The intensity of the light attenuation will directly affect the service life of the lamp, so the relevant procurement personnel of the municipal industry must understand the degree of light attenuation when purchasing shoe box lights.

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Details two, the weight of the lamp itself

A shoe box lamp usually contains many important parts, so the actual weight of a shoe box lamp that looks small is not low. However, if the weight is too high, the material requirements for supporting the lamp are relatively increased. Then, when purchasing a shoe box lamp, you need to take into account the details of the weight of the lamp itself. Choose a lighter light fixture.

Detail three, security situation

As a new and widely used light fixture, shoe box lamp must be connected to the power source in order to shine. Therefore, you must pay attention to the safety status of the shoe box lamp during the purchase process, such as whether the power cord of the lamp meets the relevant safety certification standards and whether the quality inspection report of the lamp itself and the model specifications on the safety certification certificate are consistent Buyers need to pay attention.

The above is an introduction to the details that need to be paid attention to when choosing shoe box lights. In general, when purchasing high-quality and durable shoe box lights, you must consider as many details as possible. When considering the three details above, you should also pay attention to the price and quality of the lamps. Only in this way can you Increase the probability of purchasing a high-quality, low-cost and cost-effective shoe box lamp.

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