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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps?


1. Look at the overall "power factor of the lamp": low power factor means that the driving power and circuit design used are not good, which will greatly reduce the service life of the lamp, and the power factor is low. No matter how good the lamp bead is used, the lamp life will not be long.

2. Look at the "heat dissipation conditions of lamps and lanterns-materials and structure": the heat dissipation of LED lamps is also very important. For lamps with the same power factor and lamp beads of the same quality, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp beads will work under high temperature, and the light will be very low. Large, the lamp life will be reduced.

3. Look at the "lamp bead quality": The quality of the lamp bead depends on the chip quality and packaging technology.

4. Look at the driving power used by the lamp. Compared with other parts of the lamp, the service life of the power supply is much shorter. The service life of the power supply affects the overall life of the lamp. The theoretical life of the lamp bead is 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The service life is 0.2-30,000 hours. The design and material selection of the power supply will determine the service life of the power supply.

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5. Look at the light efficiency: the higher the light efficiency of the same lamp bead, the higher the brightness. The same lighting brightness, the lower the power consumption, the more energy-saving.

6. Look at the power supply efficiency. The higher the power supply efficiency, the better, and the higher it is, indicating that the power consumption of the power supply itself is smaller and the output power is greater.

7. Whether it meets safety standards? my country's LED lighting safety standards have been issued, please choose LED lighting according to the national safety standards.

8. Look at the appearance of the workmanship. I have done meticulous and perfect. The style is the first element. Of course, big brands seem to be more reassuring, but don’t reject other affordable brands with good workmanship. After all, it is a very technical Only mature and popular lamps.

Generally speaking, the price of LED lighting fixtures is showing a downward trend, but consumers of LED lighting products with low prices must be more mindful to avoid being deceived by illegal businesses. Low-priced LED lamps are more likely to be manufactured with inferior materials and rough craftsmanship. Not only are they not guaranteed in terms of safety, but the product quality is even more doubtful. Therefore, when consumers choose LED lights, they must see the product parameters and product quality, and don't be greedy for cheap.

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