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Tell you the correct way to choose lights for home decoration (一)


In the decoration process, the importance of buying lamps is no less important than any large piece of furniture~

Classification of household electric light source products

Home electric light source products are mainly divided into the following 6 categories:

Incandescent lamp

The range is the most complete, the color rendering is the best, but the heat generation is large, the life is short, the light color is single, and the energy efficiency ratio is low. The place where it is still used is the Yuba lamp for heating the bathroom. It has a very high conversion of electrical energy into heat, which is particularly suitable for heating. Now the summer heat is uncomfortable. Everyone joked that the air conditioner gave the life. In Hangzhou, where there is no heating equipment, when taking a bath in winter, in addition to the heating equipment, your life is also given by the Yuba.

Halogen lamp

Also known as tungsten halogen bulbs and quartz bulbs, they are essentially incandescent bulbs reinforced with halogen elements. They have higher brightness, wider color temperature range, and longer life than ordinary incandescent bulbs. They are usually used in places that require concentrated lighting, such as home atmosphere lights and car lights. Lights, spotlights in shopping mall counters.

Owners who are still using halogen lamps at home should pay attention to the use: the halogen lamp shell should not be stained with fingerprints, oil, etc., otherwise it will reduce the service life. At the same time, good heat dissipation must be ensured to avoid rapid fluctuations in ambient temperature.

Fluorescent lamp

Also known as a fluorescent lamp, it is a closed rod-shaped lamp tube from the outside. The ultraviolet rays are generated by the electrochemical process to excite the phosphor on the tube wall to emit light. It is coated with different phosphors to emit different colors of light. Its life span is about 5000. -10000 hours. In the past, fluorescent lamps were widely used in large halls, offices, and home lighting, but they were not very energy-efficient. They may be found in some rental houses.

Energy saving lamp

It is a widely used lamp, which can be turned on instantly when the switch is pressed, unlike a fluorescent lamp that buzzes and flashes. Because of its small size and energy-saving advantages, it was advocated by the state in the past. However, it contains mercury, waste products cannot be recycled, and damage will pollute the environment and affect health. Here again, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps contain heavy metal mercury, which will pollute the environment when damaged;do not throw waste lamps into household garbage. In addition, be careful not to use it in an environment with heavy fog or heavy dust to avoid potential fire hazards caused by short circuits.

LED lights

Usually refers to LED lamp bead lamps, the industry name is light-emitting diodes, now because of the continuous improvement of energy efficiency ratio, low pollution, low prices, and gradually replace energy-saving lamps into thousands of households, the service life is about 30,000-80,000 hours, some The product can reach 100,000 hours. The example applications of light source products I will talk about in home decoration are mainly LED lights, and other lights are used in combination.

There is also a development type called LED filament lamp. It is a new product developed in order to break through the light angle limitation of the lamp bead type LED lighting products mentioned above, but due to the limitation of heat dissipation technology, the power cannot be made very large. Currently, it cannot replace the LED lamp bead lamp and can only be used as a matching light source. Use, life span is about 3-5 million hours.

The above two LED products are the current trend of home decoration lighting. According to the different needs of area, brightness, and color temperature, they can be used in combination to achieve their ideal lighting effect.

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