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Common causes of damage to LED lamps


As we all know, LED lighting fixtures have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and long-life lamps. These characteristics make LED lighting fixtures more and more popular with consumers, and more and more people replace traditional lighting fixtures with LED lighting fixtures. However, in daily life, many people often damage LED lamps due to improper use. The price of LED lighting fixtures is much higher than that of traditional lighting fixtures, so accidental damage can make people very sad. So under what circumstances will LED lighting be damaged? The following Yenhua Optoelectronics will analyze for you:

1. The most likely cause of damage to LED lighting is heat dissipation. If the heat dissipation of LED lighting lamps is not good, the temperature inside the lamps will be too high, and the high temperature will cause the light decay of the LED chips, which will make the luminous efficiency of the LED lighting lamps increasingly lower after long-term use. And if it is an LED lighting fixture with a poor-quality shell, high temperature can also cause safety accidents.

2. Indoor LED lighting fixtures are usually not waterproof. If they are accidentally immersed in water, it will cause a short circuit of the LED fixtures, which will cause damage to the fixtures.

3. Sudden increase in external voltage can also cause damage to the LED lighting fixture. This situation is usually caused by power quality problems or the user's failure to use a safe voltage.

4. The local short circuit of the LED power supply path is usually caused by the short circuit of a certain component or printed line or other wires in the circuit, which increases the voltage in this place.

5. Static electricity can easily cause damage to LED lighting fixtures. The reason is that before leaving the factory, LED lighting manufacturers did not do a good job of anti-static work on LEDs during assembly.

6. An LED chip inside the LED lamp caused a short circuit in the whole lamp due to quality problems, which caused the LED lamp to not work normally.

LED lighting manufacturer Yenhua Optoelectronics reminds: Usually the LED lighting lamps produced by regular manufacturers can be used normally within the warranty period, so the biggest cause of damage to the LED lighting lamps is the poor quality of the lamps themselves and some improper use. So when you buy LED lighting fixtures, please look for trusted brand lighting manufacturers, such as Yenhua Optoelectronics.

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