UFO LED Highbay Light

  • 150W IP67 UFO LED High Bay Light
  • 150W IP67 UFO LED High Bay Light

150W IP67 UFO LED High Bay Light

Input Voltage(V): AC100-277V 50/60Hz
Power Factor(PF):PF>0.9
Light Color(K):2700-6500K
Color Accuracy(CRI):Ra80
Lumens per Watt(Lm/W): 130Lm/W±5%
LED Model No:SMD 3030

  • Super Slim for Stock and Ship

    Working Tempreture80℃

    Integrated Driver design UFO LED High Bay Light

    IP67 High bay for warehouse lighting

    Product Features:

    · Using only half of the currency to lower down the heating 25%.

    · Thick Propeller fins with better heat dissipation.

    · Respirator could help to to dissipate the heat inside and balance pressure.

    · Bigger diameter than normal UFO in the market which could help the dissipation better than ever.

    UFO LED High Bay light manufacturer


    Yenhua lighting


    K=K Carton + EPE Pearl Cotton Bearing 80 KG

    UFO LED high bay light Carton

    Scope of application wiht UFO LED High Bay Light

    Mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, large workshops, steel plants, shipyards, aircraft manufacturers, large machinery manufacturers, hardware workshops, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, car waiting rooms, trains Station waiting rooms and other places that require high space lighting.

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